F-tail Delta, Danmark

- 1-line-

Builder / Designer / Plan:
EveKites: Erik / Colours in Motion / F-Tail Delta
Lost, 8/2008
Size (wxhxd) / Range / Line(s):
200 x 700 cm / 1.0 - 6.0 bft / (50 kg)
6mm Carbon Tube, Mirai: Red, White; Nylon: Red, White
Remarks & Flying Characteristics
Build according to the <a href="vlieger.php?vlieger=110" target="mainFrame">F-tail Delta Easy Red (Spanje)</a>. Replaced after 14 years, because the colors where faded. No flying characteristics (yet).

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Not mine anymore!

Build or bought by me, but no longer in my possession. These kites were lost, broken, taken apart, sold or given away!.
Total: 13 kites

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